Hydrogen Event 2023

March 17, 2023

Emirates E&I, participated as Gold Sponsors of the Green Hydrogen MENA event held in Dubai between March 14-16 2023. The conference and exhibition provided a unique platform for industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to come together, network, learn, and showcase the latest advancements in green hydrogen technology.

Together with its partner UMOE’s participation, Emirates E&I showcased its expertise in the supply of Type 4 Hydrogen storage cylinders, which are critical components in the transportation and storage of green hydrogen. The highly attended conference hosted an audience of over 1000 participants from the Government sector, along with associations and utilities like the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure UAE, Ministry of Energy and Minerals Oman, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority amongst others, along with major oil & gas industrial players like ACWA Power, EDF Renewables and AMEA Power.

Together, the partners also created opportunities for the potential supply of Type-4 Hydrogen storage cylinders to a major energy company in the region that is looking to develop a green Ammonia project. Other opportunities being explored include hydrogen transportation with logistic companies, as well as transportation by a gas bottling and distribution company. As demand for green hydrogen grows, so will the need for reliable and efficient storage and transportation solutions that can support the development and deployment of green hydrogen technologies. Overall, the growth prospects for hydrogen over the next five years look promising, with increasing policy support, technology advancements, and investment flows likely to drive its adoption across various sectors. Emirates E&I serves at the forefront of this innovation through its partnership with UMOE (A manufacturer of Type 4 Hydrogen storage cylinders from Norway). This partnership is focused on developing and implementing hydrogen storage solutions for a variety of applications.

Type 4 Hydrogen storage cylinders are lightweight, high-pressure vessels that are designed to store and transport hydrogen safely and efficiently. These cylinders are made from advanced composite materials and are known for their high strength-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for use across various applications, for transportation, storage of renewable energy, hydrogen refuelling stations and swappable hydrogen containers as fuel tanks for regional ships. Emirates E&I’s expertise in energy and infrastructure, combined with UMOE’s expertise in composite materials and hydrogen storage makes the partnership, well-positioned to meet the growing demand for Type 4 Hydrogen storage cylinders in the MENA region. The Company’s participation in the Green Hydrogen MENA event demonstrated its commitment to driving and supporting the transition towards a low-carbon future, by developing and adopting green hydrogen technologies. E&I’s involvement in the production and supply of Type 4 Hydrogen storage cylinders is envisioned to support the growth of the green hydrogen industry and contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable future.